- Are All Your Seasonings Salt Free?


Though personally, we are not salt intolerant, we know many people that are, and we have built our brand without salt in our blends. For those of you that like salt, we suggest Pink Himalayan Sea salt as the perfect addition to our salt free blends.

- What Is The Shelf Life Of Your Blends?

Our blends do not have salt nor preservatives, and have a shelf life of 2 years. Though herbs and spices don’t actually expire, we suggest they are consumed within 2 years to ensure the most potent FLAVOUR!!

- Are Your Seasonings Vegan? 

Most yes, all NO!!  Some of our blends have honey in them.


- Do You Accept Returns Or Exchanges?

No, we do not accept returns nor exchanges UNLESS there is an issue on our part.

- Do You Create Custom Blends?

For more information on custom blends, please shoot us an email with your request at hello@itsflavourful.com.

- When Are Your Orders Shipped? What Is Your Shipping Method?

Orders are shipped within 5 days of your purchase date via USPS.

Please submit your email address within you order to ensure you receive tracking information.

- What Happens If I Put The Wrong Mailing Address?

Please email us immediately when you realize you have entered the wrong shipping address to ensure you receive your Flavour Mail.


- Is My Package Insured?

USPS provides insurance up to $50, and at this time, we do not offer any additional insurance options for your Flavour Mail!

- What Happens If My Package Doesn't Arrive?

If your package doesn’t arrive, please let us know ASAP so that we can check your shipping details.

Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for lost or stolen packages, however we are more than happy to help you with the USPS claims process.